Writers Guild of America and studios appear to make progress in negotiations as strike deadline looms – Los Angeles Times

The Writers Guild of America and the major studios appeared Sunday to be moving closer toward a deal that would avert a strike, with the studios increasing their offers on several contentious issues, including the writers’ health fund.

But no deal has been announced so far and a strike could still happen if both sides fail to reach an agreement by midnight Monday, when the writers’ current contract expires. A strike would affect nearly 13,000 film and TV writers and would cause widespread disruption in Hollywood.

The WGA is negotiating with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, the bargaining organization that represents the major studios and networks.

The parties made significant progress over the weekend in addressing some of the major sticking points that prompted the WGA to seek a strike authorization vote from members last week. The vote was overwhelmingly approved by 96% of members who voted.


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