Strike: all the changes from JK Rowling’s books to the BBC series –

When it comes to adaptations of bestselling novels, there are always pockets of fandom determined to protest even the most minor of changes. Even if, in the end, their annoyance is ill-founded.

The BBC’s new adaptations of JK Rowling’s Cormoran Strike novels haven’t been met with much disdain from hardcore fans, however, despite a smattering of alterations made in the transition from book to screen.

The most notable, like so many adaptations of literary hits, is in the casting, with star Tom Burke being noticeably different to the physical descriptions of  Strike on the page. While the Cormoran of Rowling’s original novels is written as a bulky, grizzly bear-looking presence with “pube-like” curly hair, the show’s producers had to make some concessions when it came to hiring Burke.


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