Still want to know more about Bernie? Three books are on their way. – Washington Post

After the tumultuous general election ends, there will be no shortage of opportunities for those looking to relive the upstart Democratic primary bid of Bernie Sanders.

Books are in the works not only by the iconoclastic senator from Vermont, but also by his wife, Jane Sanders, and his campaign manager, Jeff Weaver.

Jane Sanders said in an interview that her book, which will be out this spring, was inspired by people she met across the country while out on the campaign trail with her husband and separately as he competed for the nomination against Hillary Clinton.

“It’s not about Bernie and I,” Jane Sanders said. “It’s about the presidential campaign and the people of this country.”

As an example, she cited meeting with families in the coal country of West Virginia and being “disturbed by the lack of economic opportunity and distressed by the inaction of the government not to do something to plan for their futures.”

Jane Sanders said her book will be quite different than her husband’s book, which is slated to be released a week after the Nov. 8 election and offers both his recounting of the campaign and his policy prescriptions for the future.

“It will be very different than Bernie’s,” she said. “We’re very different people. We have the same values and beliefs, but we approach life in different ways.”

Weaver’s book, meanwhile, is intended as a behind-the-scenes account of a “historic campaign,” he said.

“The book I’m writing will give people an inside look at the campaign, how it functioned,” he said.

Weaver, for example, said he had just been writing a section about an episode before the start of the primaries in which some of his staffers breached a database that included voter information maintained by Clinton’s campaign.

Weaver said he also plans to document his initial talks with Sanders about running the campaign.

“You’re going to get a glimpse of all of it,” he said.

Weaver said his manuscript is due in January, and he expects the book to be published sometime next year.

With the primaries over, Weaver is president of Our Revolution, a new progressive advocacy organization seeking to further the agenda of Sanders’s campaign. He also owns a comic book shop in Falls Church, Va.

All three books are being handled by the same publisher.


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