‘Quixote’ at Writers Theatre asks, is there still a place for the good … – Chicago Tribune

Is Miguel de Cervantes’ “Don Quixote” the most important novel ever written? Probably. Dostoevsky and Harold Bloom both thought so. No “Don Quixote,” no Dickens. Maybe no Netflix, given all that Cervantes did for the arc of dramatic characters, as we have come to know and love them.

Arguably, the modern Spanish language as you perchance speak it now is similarly in the great man of the 17th century’s debt.

You can debate all that, but what for me is without doubt is that “Don Quixote,” born in the parody of chivalric romance and critical of delusions of grandeur (yup, those are still around), is the warmest and most humane novel ever written.

There is inherent tolerance and inclusivity in the celebration of the quixotic, don’t you think?


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