Handyman flees country with $225K in stolen rare comic books – New York Post

Holy felony!

A Brooklyn handyman stole over $225,000 in rare comic books and artwork from a New Jersey home he was repairing and after selling some — including a rare “Daredevil” worth $15,000 — blew the money for a vacation in Italy, police said Monday.

Sparta police Lt. John Lamon said the theft happened in July when handyman Francesco Bove, 64, was called in to repair an unoccupied home that had water damaged from a burst pipe.

The comic books had been in the basement in a box and were moved upstairs for safe-keeping, the officer told The Post.

“He was alone in there and obviously started looking through things,” Lamon told The Post.

Cops say he ended up leaving with a cache of comic book memorabilia and some art work worth $239,000.

The homeowner reported the theft after a friend told him the pieces were suddenly being hawked on the market.

Bove, from Brooklyn, sold multiple pieces from the collection and used part of the money for a jaunt to Italy.

Authorities say he is back in New York and there is a warrant out for his arrest.

“We’re seeking extradition,” said Lamon. “It’s a serious crime.”

The Italian immigrant has several scars on his ear, arms and legs after he was attacked by a pit bull two years ago in the Bronx.

The dog attack was caught on video.


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