Glenda Jackson: Acting roles for women have not improved because writers still find them ‘boring’ –

Speaking at the Critics’ Circle Theatre Awards, where she won a gong for best Shakespearean performance, she said:  “I’ve been away from it for 25 years and I was moaning when I left at the lack of how creative writers don’t find women interesting, they are always adjunct to the male driving dramatic energy and I come back after 25 years and it’s exactly the same situation.

“Why do creative writers find women so boring or stick us in some homogeneous box that we are all the same?

“Partly because that is still the prevailing view, nine times out of 10. A woman is a success, it is deemed she is the exception to her gender rule, a woman fails and it just proves women are all essentially failures, I don’t see any change in that at all.”


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