Forbes’ 13 Best Books for Summer 2017 – Forbes

Want to become a better investor? Strategize like George Washington? Get rich by playing dead? We give you the bottom line on 13 books for summer 2017 — no matter your sunniest ambition. 

1. Black Edge by Sheelah Kolhatkar

0606_books-black-edge_785x1187Ambition: Investing by any means possible.

Bottom Line: Stevie Cohen became a billionaire and earned a reputation as one of Wall Street’s greatest geniuses before his SAC Capital collapsed in disgrace and infamy.

2. Carpe Diem by Roman Krznaric

0606_books-carpe-diem_785x1187Ambition: Tune out the noise.

Bottom Line: With more than ever distracting us, it’s an insightful guide to staying foc–er, what did you want?

3. The Captain Class by Sam Walker

0606_books-the-captain-class_785x1187Ambition: Lead like an all star. 


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