Books worth $2.5 million stolen in a daring London heist – Los Angeles Times

Three thieves sliced through skylights with glasscutters, then rappelled into a London warehouse to steal — not jewels or cash — but antique books worth $2.5 million, the Guardian reports. 

London’s Metropolitan Police Service confirmed that the heist had taken place in late January. It was first reported to the public by the Daily Mail newspaper on Friday.

Thieves eluded motion sensor alarms as they went through the skylights then used ropes to rappel 40 feet down into the warehouse, where they pried open six specific containers, leaving the rest untouched. One report estimated they spent several hours selecting their loot and escaped with 160 books.

Of the scores of books the thieves absconded with, the most valuable was a copy of “De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium” by Nicolaus Copernicus, dating from 1566. The book, in which the astronomer presented his then-controversial theory that the earth revolves around the sun, is worth about $268,000.


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