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Fall brings with it a desire to want to end the year on a strong note, while also wanting to curl up and not think about anything directly related to a to do list. The balance of finding a weekend, or end of day activity, that gives you that motivation in an unimposing way isn’t impossible and at least through my personal experience I’ve found it in books.

As a Latina entrepreneur, it’s always so important for me to not only highlight the stories of amazing Latina trailblazers, but also to read about their firsthand accounts.

Pairing a Creating Espacios podcast episode with one of the 5 Latina-written books is the perfect recipe to relaxing into the season and getting recharged to tackle all of your end-of-year goals.

Self Made: Becoming Empowered, Self Reliant, and Rich in Every Way by Nely Galan

Galan’s book is the perfect handbook for any woman who wants to lean into her own power and redefine what being self reliant and independent means to her.

In a previous conversation I had with Galan, she shared a piece of wisdom that’s found through her book — “I’m afraid every day of my life. When I’m afraid, I know it’s guiding me to what I must do.”

El Circulo Virtuouso: Lo que buscas ya esta en ti by Gaby Natale

Natale has gone from professor to media mogul, all by the sheer power of her own will. During our episode of Creating Espacios, she shared how everything about her journey always circled back to tapping into her own personal mission.

The concept of already having the power within you is one that anchors her new Spanish book. For those who are looking to exercise their Spanish reading skills and gain motivation at the same time, Natale’s book is for you.

My (Underground) American Dream by Julissa Arce

Julissa Arce’s memoir tells her story as an undocumented immigrant who built a career for herself as a Wall Street Executive.

“When I started my career at Goldman, I had to shed this idea that I was different than everyone else,” explained Arce. “My experiences as a proud Latina were different than those of my mostly white male colleagues, but those experiences didn’t say everything about me. I wanted my work to speak for itself.”

My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor

No list of amazing Latinas telling their own stories would be complete with Sonia Sotomayor’s memoir. Through “My Beloved World” Sotomayor takes all readers on a ride through her roots, growing up in the Bronx, and her current chapter as the first Hispanic woman appointed to the Supreme Court.


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