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You ever have an idea and then look into the idea and realize it really wasn’t much of anything and you had to discard it? Well, then you can’t write for Business Insider because you went a step too far.

Writing for the wonderful people and Apple doom seers and fabulists and the man known simply as “Gordy” at Business Insider, Dave Smith says “Apple is losing its focus again—and this time, there’s no Steve Jobs coming to the rescue.” (Tip o’ the antlers to Susie Ochs and @JonyIveParody.)

Apple was a disaster before Steve Jobs returned to the company he helped start decades earlier.

True. Smith gives a history lesson that you’ve probably heard before: When Jobs returned to Apple, he axed a slew of products and projects in order to restore focus and shed expense. There. That’s the history lesson.

Today, Apple sells about 46 models of its various hardware products, from phones to tablets to watches and computers and beyond.

Is that a lot? For a company Apple’s size, that doesn’t seem like that much, particularly since you’re probably padding that number with color options. This is the entire crux of Smith’s argument and he doesn’t explain the number at all or provide historical context to show that it’s substantially larger than it used to be under Steve Jobs. Which is kind of important. If this is scope creep, then it started under Jobs.

But more important than the sheer number of products is the number of legitimate complaints about these products.

Nobody complains about any other company’s products, that’s for sure. Like, say, phones that explode. Just as an example. Everyone was very happy with those.

Many iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s owners are complaining about a bug that essentially shuts down the phone even when it has a lot of battery life left.

Many! How many? Many!

The MacBook Pro. … Customers and fans are not happy.

Some people don’t like things about the new MacBook Pro! Why, then they must be easy to get since they’re so objectively horrible. No, turns out they’re still back ordered one to two weeks. Apparently having complaints about something doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t like it. (For what it’s worth, the Macalope loves his.)


Complaining about AirPods is simply shorthand for “I do not have AirPods.” Now, please enjoy some concentrated, weaponized conventional wisdom.


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