Tourists with selfie sticks and a surprise Hollywood ending make Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars unforgettable – Los Angeles Times

Of all the things we expected from the Oscars this year, making us feel better was not one of them.

The last few major awards shows, after all, were not only about handing out trophies but a chance for honorees and presenters to voice their white-hot anger toward President Trump’s executive travel ban, Mexican wall and a divisive America they no longer recognized.

Sunday, however, the academy appeared to take a step back, and counterbalance the political tension of the past few months by refocusing on what Hollywood does best — entertain.

Some of the levity was delivered via intentional stunts, such as candy and snacks dropping out of the ceiling attached to parachutes, while other moments — presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway naming “La La Land” the winner for best picture when it was in fact “Moonlight” — was not.


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