The New Apple iPhone X Coming To You With 3-D Sensing Camera Capability – Forbes


Yesterday, Ming-Chi Kuo, the KGI Securities analyst that has a knack for breaking all things related to Apple with uncanny accuracy, came out with his latest prediction regarding the iPhone X or 8 or 10 as some are calling the latest iPhone expected this fall.

According to his sources, the new phone will come with a full OLED display with a front-facing camera that will enable fully functional 3-D sensory capabilities. The software driving the 3D camera will be based on PrimeSense technology, a company which Apple had acquired back in 2013.

The camera will apparently contain three modules which will include a camera, an infrared sensory receptor of some kind and a receiving module which will allow for facial and iris recognition. Yes, just like in the movies.

Apple plans on using this front facing camera as the cornerstone of its facial/iris recognition technology that will also be used in its augmented reality (AR) plans for the future for example personal avatars to be used in gaming technology.

More importantly, facial/iris recognition technology will also significantly increase the secure nature of Apple devices which will further enhance the company’s Apple Pay and other consumer shopping related offerings among retailers and financials institutions.

Also yesterday, Sensor Tower, an analytics company came out with a report saying that, based on their data,  App store sales per U.S based iPhone users was up from $35 in 2015 to $40 per user in 2016.


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