Sony is releasing a new PlayStation VR headset with a slightly simpler, better design – The Verge

A year after its launch, Sony is updating the design of the PlayStation VR headset, streamlining things a little bit and removing the previous imposition of having to disconnect the unit in order to view HDR content on the PS4 console. The new PlayStation VR headset model is distinguishable by the relocation of its headphone jack from the wire hanging from the headset to the back of the unit, making for a cleaner, more integrated design. There’s also a thinner connection cable to the PS4, to go with an upgraded Processor Unit that makes HDR passthrough possible with this model.

The updated PlayStation VR headset, CUH – ZVR2, is being released in Japan on October 14th in a bundle with the PlayStation Camera that will cost Â¥44,980 ($400). For North American gamers keen to get in on the action, Sony promises it will keep bundle prices unchanged from where they are now, however it doesn’t yet have a release date to share. The new headset will naturally be compatible with all PSVR content available so far, however you won’t be able to merely swap the processing unit of your existing headset to get the same functionality, owing to the difference in cables.


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