iOS update revives your dead Apple iPhone or iPad, with password fail [updated] – Computerworld

Updated: iOS 9.3 brings a horrible bug — possibly two bugs — I’m not shocked, because something like this happens almost every update nowadays. Many users of legacy iPhones or iPads now own a pricey paperweight, causing Apple to rush and solve the activation problem.

Developing story. Updated 8:22 am, 2:22 pm, and 2:59 am PT with more comment, clarification and conspiracy.

However, the hurried patch seems to actually lessen security. That’s a big concern — and frankly it’s ironic, given Apple’s security PR of late. And now we hear it may not solve all the activation problems.

Yep, this is the fix for the “Cannot activate because the activation server is temporarily not available” bug. But there are more problems waiting to be fixed, we hear. 


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