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Google’s self-driving car unit, Waymo, may work with Honda on
self-driving car tech.

Waymo is in discussions with Honda about integrating its
self-driving car tech into Honda cars, Honda wrote in a press release on Wednesday. As part of the
collaboration, Honda may provide Waymo with vehicles for its
test fleet.

A Google spokesperson confirmed to Business Insider that it’s in
talks with Honda.

As of June 30, Google is using 34 of its “Koala” vehicles that
come without pedals or a steering wheel as well as 24 Lexus
SUVs retrofitted with Google’s autonomous tech for its test

Waymo unveiled its latest vehicle, a Fiat Chrysler minivan
modified with Waymo’s self-driving tech, on Monday. Waymo
has been working with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles since May 2016.
The company is currently testing its cars in Mountain View,
California; Metro Phoenix, Arizona; Austin, Texas; and
Kirkland, Washington.

Honda could become the third automaker to collaborate with Google
on creating cars for its test fleet if the discussions go

Just last week, Google spun out its self-driving car unit into
its own company, Waymo, to operate independently
under Google’s parent company Alphabet. At a press event for
Waymo, CEO John Krafcik said the company was “getting close”
to bringing the tech to consumers.

Google said at the time that it will no longer pursue
self-driving cars that operate without pedals or steering wheels,
but will look to integrate its tech into cars with standard
driver controls. Google is still pursuing Level 5 autonomy, which
is when a car can completely drive itself without any human
interference or supervision.

“We can imagine our self-driving technology being used in a lot
of different areas, in the ride sharing business, trucking,
logistics, even personally used vehicles and licensing with
automakers,” Krafcik said at the Waymo press event.

Waymo is facing growing competition from Uber, a ride-hailing
company that launched its second pilot program for self-driving cars in
San Francisco last week. Other automakers, like General Motors
and Tesla, are also putting pressure on Waymo to bring its
self-driving car tech to market.

The Information’s Amir Efrati
reported that Waymo will leverage its partnership with Fiat
Chrysler to introduce a line of self-driving vehicles that could
be used in a taxi setting by the end of 2017.

Krafcik said that Google was still in the “build phase” with Fiat
Chrysler but did not provide further details
about where the partnership is heading.

Honda has said it plans to release cars that are fully
self-driving on highways in 2020. The automaker has been testing
its self-driving cars at the Concord Naval Weapons Station in San
Francisco since March 2015.