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Cramer also had the opportunity to speak with Domino’s Pizza CEO Patrick Doyle on how it managed to deliver such a strong quarter.

Doyle explained that with the recent rollout of ordering on Facebook, the company has aimed to make it easier for customers to order from Domino’s. Doyle attributed the 13 percent domestic same-store sales growth to the company’s digital efforts, analytics, value and franchisees.

“At the end of the day what really drives it is our franchisees and our store managers executing. You can’t get a 13 [percent], that much volume growth, without an awful lot of terrific execution,” Doyle said. “They got it done, our supply chain kept them supplied, our technology people kept the technology working. It was a terrific team effort to put up this kind of a quarter.”

But with most of the supermarket and packaged food stocks have become almost toxic lately, leaving Cramer to focus on another way to play the food industry.

“With more people choosing to eat at home these days, I think McCormick is a natural winner because if you are going to cook for yourself, you need to buy your own herbs and spices,” Cramer said.

McCormick is the global leader in spices, herbs, seasoning mixes and condiments that makes both private and branded labeled items.

McCormick also has a smaller dividend than the typical consumer packaged goods stock, but Cramer said that could be a good thing. Many investors who hold others in the group do so for the yield, and they are likely to sell once the Fed raises interest rates and bonds become more attractive.

“I think the recent pullback in this stock is giving you an amazing buying opportunity and I wouldn’t be too worried about the valuation, given management’s ability to execute,” Cramer said.


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