Can Apple handle its growing empire? –

For years, the most important date in Apple’s calendar has been a morning in early September, the annual showcase at which a new iPhone is first revealed to an expectant public.

Apple revolves around the all-powerful iPhone, which comprises almost two thirds of the company’s $218bn (£169bn) in annual sales. A brilliant new feature, or a disappointing launch, sets the tone for the rest of the year, as well as most likely deciding its fate.

The slick design and bigger screens of the iPhone 6, released in 2014, catapulted Apple to the biggest quarterly profit ever enjoyed by a listed company; the muted changes of its successor led to the company’s first annual sales decline in over a decade last year.

But that picture is changing. Last week, the company’s annual developers’ conference, known as WWDC, featured all the polish and stage-managed excitement of an iPhone launch. Held down the Interstate…


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