Apple may compete with Amazon Echo, Google Home – Los Angeles Times

Speculation over what Apple will do to compete in the home hub market is spinning up ahead of Apple’s annual developers conference next week, where many analysts expect Apple will confirm a project. And what will be the Apple home hub’s distinguishing feature? It may be sound quality, according a report from Bloomberg.

The Siri-infused speaker will focus on producing quality surround sound and may also have a feature that can measure the room it’s in and adjust its sound accordingly, the report said. While there were not any details on how this room-adapting feature works, it sounds similar to one already on Sonos speakers, called TruePlay, which uses the microphone in an iOS device to measure a room.

Apple declined to comment on the report.

Focusing on sound quality would give Apple an advantage, particularly given its historical strength in music, if it moves to another front in its war against Google and Amazon. Both firms already have smart speakers on the market that integrate with their own services, but are somewhat lacking when it comes to sound quality. Still, it will be stiff competition.


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