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New Apple Range of iPhones

Now the highly anticipated Apple announcement has happened it seems many are left wondering ‘Is that it?’. Apple announced a slew of products and features that have – to be fair – been seen elsewhere in the industry (some for many years). Many have called Apple out on range specifications, pricing, device delays and other elements of the announcement but it’s pretty clear the iPhone X is meant to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Priced at $999 and up, Apple created – as expected thanks to a series of leaks – a clever and beautiful bit of kit that appears to be geared to do one thing and one thing alone – get customers on the Apple Upgrade Plan. Not only does this make Apple just as much (or even more money in some instances) with customers, it allows them to be perceived as an enabler of the people (a sentiment mirrored in a lot of the language Apple used throughout the announcement).

Beyond these benefits, the move gets Apple additional important elements. Firstly, the move helps Apple move up the base price of future iPhones but it also extends the power that Apple has over carriers causing them to work harder on a number of fronts. Secondly, Apple gets to reuse your old Apple phone to refurb and resell units – a nice bonus for Apple but not Earth-shattering. Thirdly, and possibly most importantly, it locks users into the Apple ecosystem which now could also include a monthly Apple Music subscription and movie purchases amongst others things. A win-win for Apple, bad for competitors. AppleCare+ is also included – another reason to get it and for Apple to send you information or try and get you into a store…sorry ‘Town Square’.

Apple remains a company that moves markets, knocking around 20% off stocks of wireless companies when it announced wireless charging capabilities (called ‘Airpower’) on stage. Apple itself is not immune from the market sentiment. At time of publishing the stock for Apple was still down but seems to be climbing despite an immediate slump following the announcements. Apple has plenty left in the arsenal and will still amaze the world but the tenth anniversary seemed to be more iteration than innovation. Apple is at a critical time in its life that sees it sitting pretty on a lot of cash with new players coming for its core products. The future of Apple remains on Tim Cook’s ability to wow future generations and new consumer groups with new content and technologies that push boundaries. Patents and leaks suggest such elements are coming down the line but will they meet with consumer and Wall Street’s approval? Moreover, can competitors break the brand before people sign on to a club that despite appearing elitist seems to want everyone?

Not sure whether to use the upgrade system? Here’s the breakdown:


Apple Upgrade Programme Breakdown


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