Apple captures record 91 percent of global smartphone profits: Research – CNBC

Sat a long way behind Apple is China’s Huawei which managed to grab 2.4 percent of global operating profit share in the smartphone market, accounting for $200 million, according to Strategy Analytics. Huawei’s third-quarter smartphone shipments rose 63 percent year-on-year, official figures from the company showed in October. The Chinese technology giant does not break out profitability figures, but it is now the world’s third-largest smartphone maker behind Samsung and Apple.

It has been focusing on selling high-end devices to challenge its larger rivals and boost margins with the company aggressively expanding its marketing efforts.

Chinese start-up brands Vivo and OPPO are in third and fourth place, both capturing 2.2 percent of global smartphone profit each. Both firms have managed to grow rapidly through a strategy of selling low-cost but high-spec phones.

Apple’s closest rival Samsung does not feature in the Strategy Analytics report.

“Three of the world’s top four most profitable smartphone vendors are currently Chinese. Huawei, Vivo and OPPO have not only improved their smartphone product lineups this year, they have also enhanced their operational abilities and kept a tight lid on expanding distribution costs,” Sui said.


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