Amazon Web Services is aggressively courting financial services – CNBC

For AWS, which now accounts for 10 percent of Amazon’s revenue and all of its operating profit, the broader theme is that cloud has gone mainstream. Government agencies, health-care providers and large industrial companies are speedily moving out of their own data centers and onto machines owned by Amazon, Microsoft, Google and IBM.

Revenue from public cloud services, including software and infrastructure, is expected to more than double to $195 billion by 2020 from $96.5 billion this year, according to IDC.

AWS launched in 2006 and has a giant head start over its rivals. The Seattle-based company controls 45 percent of the global cloud infrastructure market, according to Synergy Research Group, while Microsoft, Google and IBM have less than 20 percent combined.

Jassy said that Amazon is working with 2,700 government agencies across the globe. The Central Intelligence Agency, City of Chicago and New York Public Library have all turned to AWS for handling sensitive data and workloads.

Last month, AWS announced a partnership with VMware that could further speed up the process. In the pre-cloud world, VMware’s technology was state of the art, virtualizing the data center so that I.T. departments could remotely manage and operate their machines.

VMware became a standard in large enterprises and within the government, and with the Amazon partnership, those customers can operate on AWS without having to physically move their data or retrain employees.


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