Macbook ProA guest points to a new MacBook Pro during an Apple media event in Cupertino.Reuters/Beck Diefenbach

The new MacBook Pro is here, and with it, the Mac line has completely hopped aboard the USB-C train. 

That means no more standard USB-A ports, no more HDMI ports for connecting to a TV, and no more SD card readers for moving photos from your camera.

In their place, you either have to buy a new cable or some sort of adapter to keep your current gear relevant. 

To say the transition hasn’t gone over well with hardcore Mac users is an understatement. That it comes just a couple months after Apple killed the still-ubiquitous headphone jack on the iPhone 7 hasn’t helped.

Nevertheless, it’s worth remembering that Apple has helped lead the tech world down this path many times before. In most cases, we’ve all come out alright.

So to help you take a deep breath, let’s take a quick stroll down memory lane. In the process, you might see just how familiar the current dongle mania really is.