Trump’s “adult day care” is more truth than fiction: report – Salon

Sen. Bob Corker’s hilarious description of the White House as an “adult day care” may be more accurate than anyone originally conceived. Speaking with 18 White House sources, The Washington Post reported Monday that President Trump’s staff have taken extraordinary measures to ensure he does not unravel — or start World War III.

The current tactic of White House staffers is to play “rope-a-dope” with their boss, according to the Post. The goal is: delay a given policy decision in the hopes that Trump will reconsider or forget the deadline for his final verdict.

“If the president wanted to do something that I thought could be problematic for him, I would simply, respectfully, ask him if we could possibly wait on it and then reconsider,” Sam Nunberg, who briefly worked on the Trump campaign in 2015, told the Post. “And the majority of the time he would tell me, ‘Let’s wait and reconsider,’ and I would prepare the cons for him to consider — and he would do what he wanted to do. Sometimes he would still go with the decision I may have disagreed with, and other times he would change his mind.”

The Post revealed that Trump’s impulsive tendencies have led to an environment where staffers have had to play a game in order to channel his erratic energy.

H.R. McMaster, the president’s national security adviser, for example, has frequently tried to create a smokescreen before Trump’s policy decisions, consulting with his team in order to come up with better, alternative solutions before the president announces his verdict, the Post reported.


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