Spy novels get shout-out during Jeff Sessions’ testimony on the … – Los Angeles Times

Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions‘ testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing regarding the Russia probe on Tuesday took a brief turn toward the literary, with Sessions and a Republican senator referencing the work of several spy novelists.

Sessions appeared before the committee to deny that he played any part in colluding with Russia to swing the 2016 election in President Trump‘s favor, which he called “scurrilous and false allegations.”

Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas, who has been skeptical about suggestions that the Russians might have interfered with the election, used his turn at the microphone to ask Sessions whether he was familiar with “trade craft,” a term used to describe techniques used in espionage.

After Sessions confirmed he was familiar with the term, Cotton asked, “Do you like spy fiction, John le Carré, Daniel Silva, Jason Matthews?”


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