Older women enjoy reading racy novels because they are ‘not getting enough’, Prue Leith suggests – Telegraph.co.uk

Speaking at the Henley Literary Festival, Ms Leith, who also writes cookery books, said: “If [some people] know there is going to be a sex scene in a novel, they won’t buy it because they think it will be toe-curlingly gynaecological.

“I often say to people… this novel is racier than this one and let me tell you, most older women go for the racy ones.”

When asked why, she suggested, “because they are not getting enough?” before adding: “I think it is because they are grown up and relaxed and confident, so fine about it.”

Ms Leith, 76, who will soon get married to her partner, retired clothes designer John Playfair, also spoke about her former husband’s concerns that she included sex scenes in her novels, including liaisons in a potting shed and the back of a taxi.


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