Nicholas Mosley, novelist – obituary –

Nicholas Mosley, the writer, 7th Baronet and 3rd Lord Ravensdale, who has died aged 93, spent his life coming to terms with the legacies left him by his father, the Fascist leader Sir Oswald Mosley.

The most striking of these was the variance in their personalities. Nicholas was a stammering liberal intellectual worried by the weakness of his flesh, his father a buccaneering demagogue with an easy conscience. Where his father had the highest of profiles, for 40 years Mosley’s ambitious novels went unrecognised, and when they began to have success this was often overshadowed by interest in his background.

The idea of escape from the trap of one’s own character was central to Mosley’s writing. The book that belatedly brought him public acclaim was Hopeful Monsters, which tells of the love between a German Jew and a British scientist working on the atom bomb. Winner of the Whitbread Prize in…


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