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PRYOR, Okla. — Though he is not a Mayes County writer, he was recently a hit in Mayes County when the Pryor Creek Comic Convention was in town, Jan. 21.

The Comic-Con, the brainchild of Locust Grove native Jimmie Tramel, a Tulsa World writer, was a huge success by all accounts, and one of the big draws was Robert Soul AKA Rob Harmon and his recently released comic/graphic novel “Ruined My Rhythm.”

“The Pryor Creek Comic Con was clearly a success,” Harmon told The Times. “I was amazed to see so many people from the Pryor vicinity.”

Harmon’s book, written under his Robert Soul pen name and illustrated by Luna Cooper, sold out during the convention, and his booth was a popular one for visitors, especially with the lively green and black book cover illustration on a huge banner behind his table.

“Everyone I met at Comic Con was excited to see a graphic novel set in Tulsa and it made me glad we decided to do the convention,” Harmon said. “It was great to give people something close to drive to, compared to driving to Tulsa, Oklahoma City or Arkansas.”

“Ruined My Rhythm” is set in Tulsa and features several Tulsa landmarks, such as the Blue Dome building, the downtown bus station and the University of Tulsa.

The book tells the story of Maria, a high school girl who loses her mother in gang violence and travels to Tulsa to find her mysterious father. While the plot includes some typical “misunderstood teen” drama found in many comics and young adult books, it also has a fresh, upbeat tone to it that adds an element of hope and suspense.

Many people at the Pryor Creek Comic Con asked Harmon when volume two was going to arrive.

“Luna Cooper and I, along with my editor M.A. Chiappetta, are working hard to make sure volume two is bigger and better, 72 pages compared to the 48-page volume one. We expect it to be available in the fall, hopefully October,” said Harmon.

Maria’s story moves quickly and has a variety of conflicts that arise to keep the reader interested. Cooper does an excellent job of depicting the main character in her signature lime green and black outfit with matching hair. Her facial expressions seem true to life and draw the reader in.

Some of the secondary characters are not as well-defined, and blank expressions start to dominate. However, the action scenes and arrangement of artwork on the pages are both particularly effective, as is the cover, which was done by Matt Peppler.

Over all, “Ruined My Rhythm” is well-worth the read, and at $5.00, it can’t be beat. I guarantee you will want to keep reading the series after you finish this one. The theme of finding one’s roots is one most everyone enjoys exploring.

For more information about the book, visit Harmon’s Facebook page at Robert Soul.

Perkins writes for Pryor Daily Times, a CNHI News Service publication.


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