John Oliver creates ads to help Trump distinguish fact from fiction – Los Angeles Times

John Oliver is back with a few lessons for President Trump. 

After a three-month hiatus that felt even longer, HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” returned Sunday with its first episode since Donald Trump’s inauguration, and host Oliver had a big lesson for the already embattled president. 

The main story of the night focused on Trump’s preference for “alternative facts” on issues including crime rates, unemployment and voter fraud. As Oliver noted, Trump is known to be an avid consumer of cable news (and often appears to tweet about things he just watched on TV) and “frighteningly unreliable” outlets such as Breitbart and Infowars. 

This leads to a worrying cycle, Oliver argued: “Trump sees something that jibes with his worldview, doesn’t check it, half-remembers it, and then passes it on, at which point it takes on a life of its own and appears to validate itself.”


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