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Sure, sure. There were primaries and caucusi tonight, and that’s kind of important, too. But I need your help. Right now. Seriously.

The book, this book, On Whetsday? It’s ready to go to press. There’s just one thing… the back matter.

Back matter may not be a familiar phrase to you, but it’s the name for that little bit of text that sits on the back cover a paperback, luring you into picking up a copy and consider making a purchase. It’s a summary, it’s a sales pitch, it’s… something I’m really, really bad at writing.

Look, if I could get everything I want to say into a hundred words, I’d be a poet. But I’m not. I’m a novelist. This “squeeze it down to a little sliver and make it interesting” bit? I just suck at that.

So here’s the deal. Help me with this. If you’ve read this far, you have a pretty good sense of the book, because we’re really on the home stretch, and since the biggest complaints against the copy I’ve submitted for the back matter is that it gives too much away, knowing how this ultimately comes out really isn’t necessary.

You give me a paragraph that sums up this book. Maybe two. Something I can slap on the cover. I’ll give you a big thanks in the acknowledgements.

Then we can get this puppy off to press where next week this space will contain a link where you can actually buy it. Sound like a deal?

Good. Now come on in. Where did we leave Denny…


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