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This year at SXSW, SpinMedia helped put together performances at the Bud Light Factory, helped organize the AXE Collective, and will work with presenting sponsors Bud Light and Harley-Davidson on their flagship SPIN at Stubb’s event.

For the Bud Light partnership, SpinMedia worked with the company to bring in the musical talent for the showcases. In exchange, Spin offered content creation including news announcements on their sites as well as additional social and digital media coverage.

“(Events) have taken a bigger chunk of our go-to-market strategy,” Reisner said. “It’s definitely kind of snowballed for us in a good way because we’re doing it so effectively, maybe even necessarily offset the kind of print revenue we used to get (since we went digital).”

It’s not all large-scale parties, however. It could be a dance party of one. U.K.-based Mixmag, a publication dedicated to electronic dance music, scored a partnership with betaworks’ weather app Poncho. People located in the SXSW area who use Poncho’s alarm feature can wake up with a custom SXSW playlist created by Mixmag artist Norvis Junior.

“Our long-term goal is to be the equivalent of the Weather Channel for the mobile generation,” said James Cooper, head of creative at betaworks, which also owns products like, Chartbeat, Giphy and Digg. “It’s the next big generation of people, so in order to target those people, you’ve got to do something a little different.”

Cooper pointed out that instead of working through an agency, which could have taken a while to get rights to music, Mixmag was able to pull the entire partnership together in two weeks. Because Mixmag is a publisher, it can seed out information about the Poncho partnership throughout its influencer network, meaning more press hits.

“I can understand what a brand needs to do in terms of their specific needs,” said Ryan McKone, head of brand partnerships at Mixmag. “We’re getting a lot of people asking us to curate music for their events and experiential things. We can take what we do and fine-tune it to the Poncho DNA, find their story within the dance electronic music space.”


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